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Vol. 1. Iss. 7.

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Remembering a forgotten director star — Miklós Janscó

Gautam Kaul | July 31

There are film directors who create film stars and then there are film directors who become stars themselves.

Since cinema started as a means of business, stars and star film directors have both co existed. A star could not survive without a good film director but a star film director could thrive without stars. Each national language cinema has had its fair share of both stars and star film directors. In India, individuals in both categories have lived and thrived by the dozens; while in countries with smaller film audiences, star directors have been few. Miklós Janscó was one such rare star among directors…

… The introduction of Hungarian cinema in India started with the screening of Janscó’s The Round-Up...

… Janscó is best remembered for a unique signature in film narrative that was marked by the sparing use of words in dialogues interspersed by long scene takes. In Red Psalms, this style took an extreme position when scenes were allowed to linger on for 9 minutes and more without a single cut. Film critics found in such depiction, symbolism that perhaps even the film director never thought of. But he accepted these interpretations since they created for him a distinct image that added to his cinematic aura in the international film circles.



Dialogues tell a story

Saurabh Turakhia | July 31

Cinema has come a long way from a time when long dialogues struck gold at the box-office and cemented a struggling protagonist’s position as a dependable hero to a time when it is cool to be conversational… What is it about dialogues that endear themselves to audiences? Is it mere wordplay? Are dialogues like closed curtains, using which we can get to know a personality better? Do dialogues have to be merely instructional or can they stand out as life mantras? The popularity of dialogues reflects the power of words in creating an impact on minds and hearts.


The Reluctant Fundamentalist

MK Raghavendra | July 31

Liberals in the sub-continent feel compelled to take certain political positions more in order to define themselves than because the positions are defensible. There is a deliberate propagation of half-truths and untruths in the service of the ‘correct’, the understanding being that the ‘morally correct’ and the ‘true’ are not synonymous… The film is structured as a thriller… But even as we admire the way it is put together, we begin to see the sleight of hand by which elements of culture like poetry and music are being associated with religion and the lines between the two deliberately blurred.



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