Journal of Indian Cinema

Vol. 1. Iss. 18 | November – December 2021

Film Critics Circle of India
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Geeta Dutt — the muse of unstrained melodies

Darshana Goswami | Nov 23

In Geeta Dutt’s warbling voice, subdued smile and shy glances we find the nymph and the muse being fused together and nothing comes as close to her life and art as does  the immortal bird of Keats’ famous ode.  Hers is a tale of extreme experiences that life can offer to an individual. While destiny endowed her with the rarest ability to conjure up a gush of fresh air and a soothing shower to a parched land and a thirsty clime, the same destiny took away all her powers and left her feeble and lonely, as if administered by some unalterable nemesis.


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Vivien Leigh — the scorn that won the world

Darshana Goswami | Nov 05

Besides being the paragon of ethereal charm, Vivien Leigh is also the perennial split self—a place where the angel and the femme fatale reside side by side.


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Ritwik Ghatak and the lost art of self destruction

Amborish Roychoudhury | Nov 04

Ghatak hated ‘success’ with a vengeance… Every serious film director worth their salt has waxed eloquent on how Art is about not giving in to the system, about avoiding compromise at all costs. But Ritwik is probably the only filmmaker who took it all the way.


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‘Kamal’ who scaled the ‘Haasan’ of cinematic perfection

S Viswanath | Nov 07

Often frowned upon for his over self-indulgence with aesthetics of film making and acting, and an unabashed pursuer of commercial dynamics, despite clinging on to his ideal idea of cinema, Kamal Haasan has never been wanting when it came to meld commerce with craft for the greater good of cinema.


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Girish Kasaravalli — a kaleidoscope of societal foibles

S Viswanath | Dec 03

The cinema of Girish Kasaravalli holds up a reflective mirror to that which afflicts the people due to traditional dogmas. Benign, humanistic, subtle and provocatively persuasive, Girish Kasaravalli’s films engage his audiences in a dialectical dialogue, cajoling them to see reason, and to reform for the greater good of themselves as individuals as well as for society at large.


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