Journal of Indian Cinema

Vol. 1. Iss. 1 | January 2019

Film Critics Circle of India
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Andhadhun: Suspense and Character Subjectivity

MK Raghavendra | Jan 26

Fiction films of the world use three elements that combine to produce ‘cinema’ – objective reality, authorial subjectivity, which is in the nature of distortions to demarcate the real from the director’s subjective take on it, i.e.: the exercising of his or her powers of expression. Lastly, there is the notion of character subjectivity and this is the element needed to be used in abundance to create suspense. Suspense depends on knowledge of events being held by some and not by others.



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Cinematographic Consciousness

Devdutt Trivedi  | Jan 26

The cinematograph provides us with a view of the world that is not a representation of the world outside, but is instead a space-time continuum representing an interiority that captures the internal state of the audience.

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Cinema in Uttar Pradesh

Gautam Kaul | Jan 26

Few would know that once upon a time Lucknow also featured on the map of India as a centre of film production… It was Dilip Kumar who felt that Uttar Pradesh should have a film production centre and he applied for a piece of agricultural land in 1961, to develop a film studio… Uttar Pradesh is now threatening to provide more incentives of hassle free studio facilities and strike free environment to film production companies…


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Jyotiprasad Agarwala and his film Joymoti (1935): A moving tale of struggle and sacrifice

Parthajit Baruah | Jan 26

The legacy Jyotiprasad Agarwala has left in Assam has been carried forward by Padum Barua, Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia, Jahnu Barua and a recent group of promising filmmakers such as Rima Das, Deep Choudhury, Reema Bora, Jaicheng Dohutia, Suraj Dowarah, Kangkan Deka, Khnajan Kishor Nath, and Nava Kumar Nath. But he who among others pioneered the growth of Indian cinema still remains ignored in the national narrative.


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  1. Good Job guys. Hope this journal becomes a platform of diverse views on cinema. Sharing a perspective with your peers and the coming generation is always a rewarding experience .The art form of film needs to redefine its boundaries even as it discovers the still hidden layers of its complexity
    Here’s wishing to more stimulating writing and debate in this journal. Best
    Amit Khanna

    • Perhaps some time in the long run, KJ Thomas. Thanks for the query. Presently, the focus is purely online.

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