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Dalton L is a film critic/essayist, and co-author of the book, ‘Indian Film Culture: Indian Cinema’; the founder of the ‘DIY Film Academy’; and the president of the ‘Cinema Society of India’. He began his journalistic odyssey writing for ‘The Hindu’. A few months later, he was invited to be the associate-editor of a music magazine, ‘Raga To Rock’, and remained for a year. He then wrote for the ‘Times Group’. His film-reviewing stint spans almost a decade, and includes such publications as ‘Rediff’, ‘The Film Street Journal’, ‘Dear Cinema’, ‘Upper Stall’, the ‘Deccan Chronicle’, and ‘The Asian Age’.

dalton-guitarIn addition to being a writer, he is a prolific cameraman too with over ten years of experience as a documenter of reality. He has briefly captured in moving images a variety of performers ranging from Pt. Jasraj and Trilok Gurtu to Remember Shakti, José Feliciano, The Blues Brothers, MLTR, America, Shaggy, Enrique Iglesias, Jethro Tull, Walter Trout, Uriah Heap, and Dire Straits.

dalton-cameraHe is presently setting up a film studio, ‘House of Illusions’; and shooting five cinematic essays: ‘Everyone has a right to free education on the alphabets of cinema’, ‘Understanding a twin subgenre: new- and mixed-gen cinema of Malayalam’, ‘The legacy of Khemchand Prakash’, ‘The writings of Nabendu Ghosh’, and ‘The cinema of Ritwik Ghatak’. He is on the verge too of editing-publishing a film magazine, ‘Illusions’.