Ek Betuke Aadmi Ki Aafrah Ratein: Photographed theatre or cinematography?

In A Thousand Plateaus, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (D&G) define the machinic assemblage as having different speeds, slownesses and intensities on the Body without Organs. They go on to deconstruct the machinic assemblage: a machine is anything that can be plugged into, whereas the assemblage is that which “deterritorializes” the becoming (flows). The point […]

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Super Deluxe sweeps film critics’ awards in India

Super Deluxe is the winner of the Best Movie of the Year at the 2nd Critics Choice Film Awards, instituted by the  [highlight background=”#f79126″ color=”#ffffff”]Film Critics Guild[/highlight]; it also picked up awards for the Best Tamil Actor, Best Tamil Screenplay, Best Tamil Director, and Best Tamil Film. Much earlier in the year, Super Deluxe had been […]

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