Entertainment industry eyes a Phoenix, post pandemic

Entertainment industry eyes a Phoenix post pandemic The global entertainment juggernaut that was having a great gambol run was arrested in its stupendous stride with the Ides of March bringing in its wake the world’s deadliest virus, quickly christened Covid-19. As ‘Social Distancing’ became the new lingua franca, the entertainment industry, which had witnessed robust business […]

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Girish Kasaravalli — a kaleidoscope on societal foibles

Girish Kasaravallii I am not making a “perfect” film, I am making an “imperfect” film. To me, cinema is a powerful tool for challenging existing notions. -Girish Kasaravalli   True to his stated philosophy and approach to cinema, noted Padmashri Awardee Kannada Cinema auteur Girish Kasaravalli has been chiseling his cinema spotlighting on prevalent socio-political concerns, […]

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