Hrid Majhare

The Shakespearean spark — Hrid Majhare Language: Bengali Writer-director: Ranjan Ghosh Destiny, love, and jealousy walk side by side in Ranjan Ghosh’s directorial debut, Hrid Majhare. The storyline and the script belong exclusively to him, but a variety of Shakespearean themes spark spontaneously from time to time. The film adapts the stroke of ineludible destiny, precisely, the […]

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Gantumoote, fallaciousness of the (fe)male gaze

Gantumoote, fallaciousness of the (fe)male gaze   Films are the primary source of entertainment for Indians and the cultural constructs created by them strongly influence the thinking of men, women, and most importantly, the new generation.” -Cinema & Society: Shaping our Worldview: Beyond the Lens Investigation on the Impact of Gender Representation in Indian Films: Geena […]

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