Journal of Indian Cinema

Vol. 1. Iss. 25 | January 2021

Film Critics Circle of India

Kaifi Azmi — the poet of love, revolution & regeneration

Darshana Goswami | Jan 14

A great synthesizer of idyllic romance and revolutionary ideologies, of battle cries and patriotic hymns, and of tradition and modernity, Kaifi Azmi’s flexibility and versatility held him in perfect balance between modern Urdu literature and the Hindi film industry…

… Even when isolated from the context of their respective cinematic narrative, his lyrics for films such as Kagaz ke Phool, Haqeeqat, Aarth, and Manthan emit the essential flavor of poetic concerto, in which specially chosen diction and images precede thought and meaning…

… The poetic voice of the invisible and the oppressed, Kaifi Azmi shall be remembered and revered so long as the ideas of love, revolution, freedom and equality remain relevant.


Of cinema and women

Muktha | Jan 20

When world cinema completes more than a century from its origin, the role played by women off screen is extremely scarce. Women decorated roles as actresses and singers, but a significant position in the industry where her ‘voice’ is heard in cinema was left blank… The influential French daily Le Monde once published an open letter. It read: “At Cannes, women show their breasts, men show their films.”

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Film festival in the time of corona

S Viswanath | Jan 30

As one daintily steps into 2021 harbouring much hopes that the year will bring in its wake a resurrection and revival of sorts, the core concept of a film festival, celebrated and savoured since nearly seven decades, has taken a virtual 360-degree turn. While the virtual world makes for a temporary solution, hopefully it would never replace the real-life happenings.


Saeed Jaffrey — the transcultural beacon

Darshana Goswami | Jan 08

Jaffrey was the truest representative of the global culture that took the whole world in a whirlwind in the 1960s and 1970s, a phenomenon in which territorial distances diminished and cultural alienation made way for a synthesis of all sensibilities, bringing the East, West, North and South together, up on a common platform.


The Great Indian Kitchen

S Viswanath | Jan 17

A mere semblance of defiance suffices for a young bride in India to be slandered in the choicest of words making her very existence miserable and meaningless. It is therefore heartening that gender parity is now a raging topic of public discourse, and that male filmmakers are changing track and helming projects that provide the feminine perspective.



Journal of Indian Cinema

Vol. 1. Iss. 01–29.

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