Journal of Indian Cinema

Vol. 1. Iss. 24 | December 2020

Film Critics Circle of India

Mani Kaul — prophet of pure cinema

Gautam Kaul | Dec 25

Primarily, we must fault ourselves to identify our best artists, because the audiences are overfed with the dazzle of colour, fast action, songs and dances and the whole artificial environment painted on the cinema screen that we totally miss the grinding reality of our ordinary lives. It is left to artists like Mani Kaul to point their camera lens to this reality that we shun because it is so real.


Sharmila Tagore — a journey trapped between promises and possibilities

Darshana Goswami | Dec 08

In her heydays, Sharmila Tagore was a path breaker, a sensation maker and a constant stirrer of surprises… Had her brimming virtuosity been fully exploited, Bombay cinema of the sixties and seventies would have chronicled drastically different stories that would have been more enduring in art and appeal. For cinema in the sixties not only meant color images and exotic locations but also a confluence of many new waves and an emergence of a global culture with long lasting effects.


Girish Kasaravalli — a kaleidoscope of societal foibles

S Viswanath | Dec 03

The cinema of Girish Kasaravalli holds up a reflective mirror to that which afflicts the people due to traditional dogmas. Benign, humanistic, subtle and provocatively persuasive, Girish Kasaravalli’s films engage his audiences in a dialectical dialogue, cajoling them to see reason, and to reform for the greater good of themselves as individuals as well as for society at large.


Shyam Benegal — the affable auteur

Darshana Goswami | Dec 14

An ‘author’ without being authoritarian, Benegal starkly contradicts the commonly perceived image of directors; that they are inseparable from their inherent authorship even while they are not all the time conscious of it.


Entertainment industry eyes a a phoenix, post pandemic

S Viswanath | Dec 31

A quiet cinematic revolution is in the offing as a sense of sanguinity sets in… a Phoenix act could be witnessed as the pashas of entertaining and engaging cinemas play the roulette of survival to create an annus mirabilis.



Journal of Indian Cinema

Vol. 1. Iss. 01–29.

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