Journal of Indian Cinema

Vol. 1. Iss. 20 | August 2020

Film Critics Circle of India

Meena Kumari

Darshana Goswami | August 01

Much has been said about Meena Kumari’s expressive eyes, yet  her expressions and her body language are always subtle and understated, leaving us wanting to know more and to hear more. Her beauty adorned with gossamer veils and downcast eyes tell us to look deep into her inner being, and deeper still. 

Meena Kumari was one who closely experienced life’s fragility and its many deceptions, and she trained herself to live life in moments and not let go of any opportunity that could make her happy. Her life certainly cannot be defined by stereotypical terms such as ‘tragedy queen’ or ‘queen of sorrows.’ She is not mythical Hecate, the melancholy goddess, constantly shedding tears, buried in sighs and laments. Instead, her indecisiveness and volatility compelled her to continuously search for a new meaning in life, forever going past whatever she had in life thus far.



Pandemic pummels cinema into existential vortex

S Viswanath | August 15

After a great gambol run for 125 years since its birth, the moving images industry, more prominent by its popular moniker ‘Entertainment Industry’ has been finally zapped by existential crisis pressing the rethink button.


Tape 39: Memory as Document, Memory as Map Maker

Devdutt Trivedi | August 10

The cinematograph can be defined as a writing with movements and sound. The essential problematic of the cinematograph lies precisely within this question—how can the cinematograph move beyond the manifest reality? This manifest reality is the apparent space and time represented before the camera.



Journal of Indian Cinema

Vol. 1. Iss. 01–29.

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